#Back2work during a Pandemic! 

    Like countless others, I am so grateful to be given this long awaited chance to open the creative valve again--to be able to collaborate with all those who derive their joy from a day well lived while creating. The first day was a subtle shift in equilibrium, maybe even undetectable by others. But, the abrupt learning curve of what senses are being affected by PPE was palpable. I call them the "Wadjasay?" Masks, or the "Is That Sharp?" Shields, or the "I'm Seriously Dehydrated" No Food or Beverage On the Floor.  Some modus operandi needs modification. For example next week we will definitely be auditioning PLs for socially distanced camera ops.  Yet another gizmo to don, but at least they won't have to repeatedly 'nod' the camera in acknowledgment. There is ONE beneficial side-effect to MASKS though--performances are FRESH right up to "Action!"  All throughout the week, during rehearsals and run throughs you will never see anything below the bridge of an actors' proboscis--so the mystery reveal and the emotive mastery is a SURPRISE to us all, until you ROLL!  #thinkSandyMeisner

    All this is to say, that the sublime crew and supremely talented cast of uber-creator Caryn Lucas's "Country Comfort" for Netflix--have been a much needed life-line.   In this industry everyone gives 100 percent to their craft, but NOW we're really listening--partly because the masks require it :-) And with that comes more compassion with all those we interface with, even if it's only HALF a face!  

    Stay SAFE everyone, as you return to the work-life that we love.